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Welcome to New California Conservatory!

NCC is a unique institution that is dedicated to providing a very strong instructional program of music that is reinforced by hands-on practice. Our instructors all have advanced academic degrees from restigious universities as well as national and international recognition in their respective music specialty areas.

Our program is dedicated to those young learners from 3-18 years of age: beginners, those with some acquired skills, and those more advanced. Small group and individual instruction is tailored to the needs, interests, and time schedule of each student's regular school program, family, and other activities. The great benefit to these students of music is to gain a lifetime of enrichment in the arts. Indeed, the study of music and its related discipline serves to reinforce academic learning.

As all parents are aware, music is for all ages and knows no language or cultural barriers. It has been a part of the world culture from the earliest of times. Music lasts the entire lifetime of those who have taken the opportunity to enrich themselves of its many benefits- enjoyment, skills, and careers.

We look forward to sharing this wonderful world of music with you!

Dr. Hye Kyung Lee

  New California Conservatory
7342 Orangethorpe Ave., Suite C-101 Buena Park, CA 90621
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