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NCC has a warm and friendly atmosphere that appeals to me. The staff at the school is the best... My teacher has brought so much pleasure and joy to my life, beyond any of my expectations. She will continue to teach me next year and I am very excited to learn more.

Sheliza Shivji - age 11

I like NCC because there are teachers that I really like. I like to take music lessons because I can learn and I am learning a new language. When I started violin lessons I was so excited I could hardly wait for my first lesson to begin. Now I always get excited when it is my lesson. I love to go to NCC because it is a great school.

Raeann Fuller - age 7

I love to sing because I want to be a star one day…My teacher is very nice and teaches me a lot. She makes it FUN and I look forward to lessons every week. I think NCC is a great school to go to. I feel safe and happy there.

Victoria Roe - age 9

I think NCC is a great place to take my lessons because the school provides lessons to a variety of instruments and more. I have been to this school for nearly four years... I think this school is wonderful because it has helped me to grasp the true idea and meaning of music. With excellent and kind teacher and staff, NCC is a structure of definite benefit, where I can carry on my dream full of music.

Ji-Yeoon Jeong - age 11

Music is a gift, a gift from God. At NCC I am able to learn more about music and my instrument. With the best teachers in NCC I have learned more about music and expanded my gift of playing the violin….I am truly blessed to live by such a wonderful school. The school is a wonderful place to learn how to make music. Each teacher that I have had at the school has been extremely gifted at playing their instrument and they also have had the ability to teach well. I have learned a lot from the teachers I have had. The teacher I have now is wonderful and with her help I am able to play beautiful songs ranging from ragtime to classical.

Victoria Tilling - age 12

Since September my daughter has taken music lessons at the Walnut Grove School of Music. I’ve sat in on every lesson and I am extremely impressed. My daughter’s teacher is wonderful, instructing at an age appropriate level, he is always kind and patient, encouraging and professional.

Michelle Chow

It was not until five years ago, when I was introduced to NCC, that I began to fully appreciate music and the dedication which teachers have for the students. My current teacher has been a wonderful instructor and we have formed a bond beyond a student-teacher relationship. She has become a mentor for me and has inspired me to become a teacher as well…For me, music is great and thanks to my teacher and NCC– I am inspired to pursue music as a career.

Jenny Nguyen

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